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Atlantic Immigration Pilot program

On this new post we focus on the new program launched by the 4 provinces which compose Atlantic-ocean side of Canada. We will look into the requirements for both employers and employees and the different streams offered by this particular program.

Immigration, regardless of the traveling distance, has always been an exciting life changing decision. Whether you are moving to a different state of a whole different continent, it is mandatory that you gather all the necessary information to make a choice that will improve your life standards and job opportunities. It is accurate to say that the Canadian government is a pioneer when it comes to finding new ways to attract international talent and to relocate existing talent from one province to another.

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A clear example of the above is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, an initiative which plans to make the provinces with shores on the Atlantic Ocean to be more appealing for immigrants and residents, in order to activate the economy and channel talented individuals into these territories.

What is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

In general terms, is a system that connects interested professionals and recently graduated individuals, to well established employers, who have their companies or plants domiciled in one of the four Atlantic Canadian provinces: New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

The process is monitored by governmental agencies who decide to accept requests from employers and review profiles of potential employees in order to guarantee the transparency of the whole procedure and avoid any type of immigration scam or lack or seriousness on job postings.

What are the different streams of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

As mentioned before, it is an inclusive immigration program created for both international employees and individuals currently living in other province. Also, it ranges from recent graduates to people with years of working experience in certain fields in demand. 

There are currently 3 streams, described below:

  •  Atlantic International Graduate Program: Designed for the individuals who have recently graduated from a 2-year (minimum) program from a recognized Atlantic institution. It does not require any working experience.
  • Atlantic Intermediate-skilled Program: To become eligible, the potential employee must prove a minimum of 1 year of relevant intermediate skilled working experience
  • Atlantic High-skilled Program:  To be a potential candidate for this stream, you must have a minimum of 1 year of relevant high skilled working experience.

For the information on whether your working experience falls into an intermediate or high skill category, you should go to the National Occupation Classification site.

For you to become eligible, you must have received a job offer for a full-time position inside any of the Atlantic provinces. In addition, you must provide the following documentation:

  • Endorsement letter from the said province.
  • The result of the Language tests.
  • Proof of work experience, this might be letters from the employer or employers in the past 3 years (in the event that you are applying for the graduate program, this is not requested).

The process is initiated by an employer, who invites potential candidates for a job position through the government agencies. The employer has to follow certain criteria which starts by contacting the Provincial immigration office, as well as having a well-established, stable business and a support or endorsement plan. Job offerings cannot be seasonal or part time, as this initiative is only for full time stable job offerings. Most of the paperwork is done by an employer, not an employee, although regular residency or Canadian immigration requirements still apply for a potential employee.

This program focuses on a talent attraction on the least populated areas of the country, or with a high demand and low offer on certain professions. As a skilled potential employee, it is advisable to look into the employment agencies websites as it is a relatively easy way to immigrate to Canada, once a job offer is sent by your potential employer.

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