Immigration to Canada 2018

Information is the key for making a life changing decision such as moving to another country on a permanent basis. Internet is filled with misinformed articles on how easy it is to live in Canada, and how great is the advantage in terms of welfare, when compared to any other country in the world.

Yes, Canada is one of the safest, cleanest, most immigrant friendly countries in the world; but that does not necessarily imply that everybody is welcomed or that once accepted, you and your family will have a free house, health insurance or education. It is also false that the labor market will provide you with six figure opportunities the day after you get off the plane.

As any other first world nation, the quality of life and education is higher than the rest of the world. It is also important to mention that Canada provides welfare and a brighter future for young couples and families in a multicultural, understanding and supportive governmental system.

In addition, there are numerous opportunities for finding a job in technical, artistic or everyday jobs, which, unlike some countries in different latitudes are underpaid and often overbooked. In order to become eligible for the immigration programs offered by the Canadian Government

How do I become eligible for an immigration program in Canada?

There are several chances for you and your family to become eligible to become a resident in Canada and fulfill the “Canadian Dream”. All of them look into the applicant`s documents in order to evaluate whether or not the person or family group will accommodate to the culture, lifestyle, languages and legal system of the country and how fast will the applicant become an active member of the community.

For those reasons all the available programs focus on 4 mains aspect which are deeply evaluated before extending an invitation to come to the Country: Language, Age, academic credentials and Canadian experience.

Well there is not a magical formula for having a bright future in Canada, these are the categories that once strengthened, might increase the chances to achieve your goals.

What are the existing immigration programs in Canada?

Before providing a list of the available options, it is important to mention that Canada has two official languages, English and French, and that there is a province (Quebec) where the French language is the first and main language for communication. But the differences do not stop there. The government system and immigration policies are in several cases, jurisdiction of each province.

That being said, these are the current immigration programs in the abovementioned country:

  • Family Sponsorship.
  • Skilled immigration
  • Provincial immigration programs and streams.
  • Quebec immigration
  • Business immigration streams
  • Immigration through studies in Canada

There is extensive and ACCURATE information on these and other types of programs provided by Government websites. Even though we will provide further details, tips and information on each of the programs above, we strongly recommend that you explore and get informed of these opportunities directly through these sites.

In future articles we will discuss these programs one by one, using the provided information to facilitate and inform our readers of the changes, statistics and reality of each of these topics in order for you to take a well-informed information for either you or your family.

Thank you for reading.

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