Living and studying in Canada

One of the most attractive aspects of Canada as a country is, undoubtedly, its academic system. Several top 50 universities in the world are located in this country, where, research is highly valued in diverse topics ranging from health sciences and physics to peace building and conflict management.

This is one of the reasons why high skilled professionals and academics choose Canada as the next step for developing their projects and to continue their studies. The country is aware of that situation and is voluntarily willing to legally retain students through various immigration programs, designed specifically to make it attractive for scholars to study and live in Canada,

It is important to state that although there are hundreds of faculties to choose from, the best universities are usually over 15.000 Canadian dollars per term, depending on the degree or field of study. Such prices also vary when choosing a PhD or a master’s degree. Keep this in mind as it might become harder to live and study in the country as the expenses get higher than expected.

How can I study in Canada?

 Universities and institutions have their own policies and rules of procedure for student acceptance. Be sure to follow such terms as it is mandatory for an applicant to be enrolled with such institution or university in order to be eligible for a permit or visa.

Most of the above will welcome foreigners with open arms. In addition, there are dozens of scholarships and grants from which the applicant take advantage of if he or she gets selected. When requesting this scholarships or grants take into consideration that hundreds of people apply to these benefits on a yearly basis; be prepared to give and show your best when applying.

Once you applied and got accepted in any academic or language program in Canada, it is time to request the permission for a temporary stay in the country.

It is also important to mention that being in Canada as a student, greatly improves your chances to get a job, and is highly valued by the Canadian government given that you already know the culture and are accommodated and involved inside a certain community.

What are the available student visas in Canada?

Currently, the available options depend mostly both the length and the title obtained when completing the program. After the application and acceptance to the selected course or faulty, you must start the process of acquiring the document that validates the legality of your trip and entrance to Canada. In the event that the course lasts less than six months, you should request a study permit (if a Mexican national) or temporary visa depending on your nationality or permanent domicile. This will allow you to take classes, work(limited) and live in Canada for the length of your studies. It is also possible to bring your close family, that is, wife and children, if accepted to study in the country.

How can legally stay in Canada after my studies?

While anyone is able to pursue the dream of staying in Canada after finishing a study program, chances are better when the selected program Is a graduate, masters or PHD degree instead of a short course. The above because of the existent requirements where it is mandatory that the applicant for a permanent residency or citizenship, has been living in Canada for several years before applying.

One of the many available options is to apply for the “CEC” or “QEC”, Canadian/Quebec Experience class, which requires that the applicant has relevant working experience in Canada before applying. In order to work and study in Canada you will have to get a work permit.

Another option is applying for a Post-graduation work permit (PGWP). This applies only if the program you are studying is longer than eight months and holds and apply within 90 days from program completion in addition to several other restrictions.

We strongly recommend that you take several hours on researching provinces, universities and even job sites in Canada as the majority of opportunities for staying in Canada are related to your work experience while studying.

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