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Visiting Canada as a tourist

From breathtaking landscapes to vivid nightlife and picturesque villages, Canada welcomes millions of tourists every year. The country offers a vacation plan for anyone willing to accept the challenge of discovering untouched wildlife in Gros Morne and Banff national Parks, or world class Ski Resort in Whistler.

Although mostly related to winter or cold weather vacation plans, Canada has also plenty of fun during the warmer seasons. One of the numerous examples of summer fun is the Calgary stampede on the southern part of the Country. Before visiting Canada, do some research in the several destinations and events during your stay in this beautiful land.

 In order to make a vacation trip you must be aware of the current requirements before buying a ticket or vacation plan. Depending on your country of residence of the country of passport issuance, the immigration requisites for entering Canada may be completely different.

What are the current types of visas/authorizations to visit Canada as a tourist?

Depending on your nationality or passport, you will need either a Visitor Visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization. There is a Canadian official site which will help you find out which of the above is needed regarding on your nationality, go to  in order to find out such requirements.

In the event that you require a VISITOR visa. The cost of such visa is 100 Canadian dollars which is around 77 USD. In addition, you must provide biometric information such as fingerprints. These biometrics cost 85 Canadian dollars, approximately 65 USD. You can make a single individual or family group application online, and even pay the non-refundable fees with a valid credit card.  you will have to gather some documentation and write several documents before successfully applying for the visa. Keep this in mind so you have enough time t prepare and apply before your date of departure.

Although the list can include several other items/documents depending on your country of origin or family situation, the following documentation are usually needed in most scenarios:

  • Application for Visitor Visa, form IMM5257
  • Business registration (in the event that you own or represent a company).
  • Proof of means of financial support
  • Passport (with at least one or two blank pages) pictures of the front page and visa stamps
  • Family information form IMM5645
  • Travel history
  • Digital photo

The Canadian government will investigate the provided documentation and will issue a Visitor Visa that is valid for 10 years and allow the individual to enter the country on multiple occasions, of 6 months or less. The above is the “standard” visitor visa. In some cases, the visitor visa is issued for a one-time entry instead of a multiple entrance authorization.

Canada tourist visa

Another option is getting an ETA or Electronic travel Authorization. This option is available for citizens or nationals from certain countries such as Chile, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland among others. A visitor visa is not needed for people holding passports issued in the countries that allow ETA entrance. It is a much simpler procedure and the cost is 7 CAN, approximately 5 USD. This process can be done online and usually gets done in less than an hour. The applicant must have his/her valid passport and a valid credit card to make the electronic payment.

Citizens of the United States are allowed to enter Canada without any of the documents above. It is important that the US citizen carries both a proof of citizenship and identification when entering the country.

Now that you have all the relevant information about these requirements, it is time to pack your bags and start planning your vacation to Canada`s historic landmarks and beautiful cities such as Vancouver, Ontario, Montreal or Quebec. Tourism in Canada is a great experience, whether travelling on your own or with the whole family.

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