Jobs and skills in demand in Canada for 2018

Below you will find information on the current and near future tendencies on the labour market in Canada. By comparing both global and domestic trends on job demand, the following paragraphs comply not only the jobs in need but also the cross-disciplinary skills that are required to perform almost any task and work in any position in the world of today. Be aware of these skill as they may be required or even mandatory on any job in the planet in the years to come.

The world has been reshaped by technology in ways we are only beginning to understand. Work made by hand or craft has been rapidly replaced by large scale robots and machinery being those a hundred times more efficient than regular human labor. Physical spaces for retail stores and brands are becoming less popular when compared to online shopping. Manufacture and customer service are now provided by nonhuman bots created by algorithms.

But, before being depressed over this first paragraph, the job market is becoming an exciting place where your skills can be on demand in industries you would have never imagined. Cross disciplinary professionals are incredibly useful in several traditional and brand-new sectors anywhere in the world.

Job in Canada

Canada, is also part of this phenomenon, where high tech and computer science takes part in almost every company. In addition, having a massive extension and low population, there are hundreds of job openings in almost any area. Having this in mind, these are the profiles in high demand in the country:

Technology and computing: From programing, to coding, data analysis and software development, there has been an exponential growth in this sector, with no signs of slowing down in the next 5 years. It is also important to mention that the simplest tasks on this area (WordPress basic knowledge, social media and SEO experience) are now required for secretaries, virtual assistants, managers, marketing directors, paralegals and sales representatives.

Mining, Engineering and Energy: Canada is known for its commitment to sustainable development but is also very aware of its natural resources. That being said these sectors are showing not only a historical increase on the available positions, but also a constant increase in terms of wages. Solar engineering, oil&gas and jobs that provide protection to the environment and also investigation on new energy resources are fundamental in the Canadian mining and energy sectors. Nowadays even the legal industry is on high demand when it comes attorneys with relevant experience on environmental and oil&gas law.

Business analysis and Accounting:  As many of the dedicated websites coincide, there are hundreds or opportunities in these sectors as the constant grow in the Canadian economy, forces small and mid-size companies to hire full-time accountants to monitor their business transactions. That same circumstance makes it fundamental for companies to expand their borders and products, where business analysts become key assets to find new markets overseas or promote innovation within all the areas or a certain organization, from marketing to products, services and customer approach.

On these areas, the vast majority of the jobs relate to recent economic and technological developments. Accountants with vast knowledge on cryptocurrencies and SARLAFT regulations as well as Business Analysts who can handle digital data and translate it into mobile applications and virtual services, will be greatly appreciated.

Sales: Strictly related in several industries. Sales managers, representatives and every roll in between are the and will always be the spinal cord of every profit-making organization. They have certain fine skills which include negotiation, empathy, patience and persistence, which in most cases are not taught in ay faculty.

Logistics: Professionals in logistics, empower companies in specific aspects such as international sales, transportation, product allocation, inventories, warehousing and every moment of the process of sales and delivery. These tasks are even more important when the company does not have physical stores. All the different levels of this area are in great need in Canada. From forklift operators, to warehouse employees and large-scale Logistic Managers are highly valued in the country.   

These are not the only professions that are currently high on demand, although it is very important to say that regardless of the profession (unless incredibly specific profiles  such as commercial airplane pilot, or orthopedic surgeon), companies are looking for individuals that are updated in terms of technology, computing and business related skills, given that these people are useful in several areas of the company and can grow inside the company’s structure and build a long lasting career. Being aware of the recent developments in your own profession will make you a more suitable candidate in the years to come. It may also increase your salary and compensation

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