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Age limits for Canadian immigration

Relevant information on the possibilities to immigrate to Canada depending on the age of the applicant. How the age affects the point system on the express entry program as well as information on the possibilities to enter the country when the applicant is over the age limits.

While Canada welcomes immigration with almost no age restrictions, the most common an popular streams, such s express entry /skilled worker programs, strongly rely on the abilities, health and age of the applicants. The distance between your current age, and the time of retirement is fundamental, as the government is interested in welcoming professionals who can actively work for decades in the country, instead of a couple of years. It is quite logic to say that the younger you are, the more doors will open as an skilled immigrant, although being young in chronological terms, without complying with other government requirements, will surely conclude on an incomplete or unsuccessful application.

What are the age limitations for Canadian Immigration?

While strictly related to the program chosen by the applicant, it is important to say that investment stream has almost no restriction based on age. Express entry/skilled worker programs on the other hand, while based on a point system where age is fundamental, have several restrictions on the matter.

Looking for official information is fundamental, given that there is too much noise and misleading information on non-official sites. In addition, if you are planning to apply for a permanent residency in Canada, think about the age that you will have when filling such permanent residency application as you may be fully eligible today, while less eligible after a couple of years after you comply with the requirements to become a permanent resident.

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Express Entry: This stream operates under the CRS (comprehensive Ranking System), based on the score obtained by the applicant in 4 different categories, age being one of the four.The best age to immigrate under this stream is 20 -29 years old, as the applicant will get the 100% of the points provided under this category which is 100 for married applicant and 110 for a single applicant. Usually, individuals with an overall score above 420 points are invited to immigrate with this program.

Once you reach the age of 30, 5 points are taken away from the score, for every year after your 30th birthday until you reach the age of 40. From your 40th birthday, 10 points are taken from the final score until you reach the age of 43.

At the age of 43, you will get 17 on the CRS score for age, Applicants of 44 years old get 5 points and ages 45 and above get no points.  

While this does not pose a problem at first sight, reaching the minimum 420 overall score without any age CRS points might become an impossible task. Your education, Canadian working experience, siblings and language test will have to provide the maximum score in order for the applicant to become a potential candidate for this immigration program.

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Quebec Skilled Worker program: As it is commonly seen in Canadian legislation, Quebec has its own standards regarding age limitations or restrictions. As it is also a point-based system, the following criteria applies:

Applicants with ages from 18 to 35, get 16 points, being that the maximum available points. From 35 and up, 2 points are taken off until the age of 43 and beyond, as from such age, you will get zero points in the overall score.

Investment and student visas:  The requirements do not include any age limitation as they are based on other criteria such as institution enrollment on student visas, and financial information for investors.

Canada surely applies “the sooner, the better” saying regarding age limitations. As most of the immigration streams are created to successfully impact the job market and to ensure adaptability, there is no better time than now to start your application.

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