Canada cost of living

Finding Job and Cost of Living in Canada

In the terms of immigration, picking up Canada as a relocation point for a couple, a solo or a family is definitely not a bad case scenario. In fact, for many recent years Canada is finding herself among top best countries for living worldwide.

Why Canada?

Taking into account its healthcare, social care and educational system, magnificent natural sightseeing, that are not found anywhere else, and even that stereotypical reputation of its extremely friendly and welcoming citizens, explain it all. These and many other reasons make it easy to understand why would one plan to make a fresh start in the land of Great White North.

So after the decision was made, the border successfully crossed, let’s see what is to be expected by every newcomer in Canada, regarding first job and approximate cost of living.

Indeed, every single case differs from each other, but let’s take into closer scale the worst case scenario. Young couple arrives to Toronto, one of the top five most expensive Canadian cities, in a search of a job and accommodations. What are their perspectives?

McDonalds/Tim Hortons

Getting a job in one of those fast food restaurant companies will pay about $14 per hour. Working 40 hours per week, 21 days per month will make in total around $2000. So monthly budget of a two-person family would be $4000, having the lowest paid job.

Monthly Expenses

With $4000 in pocket, living in Toronto, having goals and ambitions for the future, can Canada  offer something to a couple of immigrants? Now let’s talk numbers.

  • Despite the fact, that each individual’s situation will determine the amount of taxes to be    paid, $600-700 must cover it.
  • Two-person food expenses might reach $400 per month.
  • The best way of getting around in the city, would be purchasing TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) monthly pass, that will cost around $146 per person, depending on the radius of the territory it covers.
  • Let’s say $150 will be left at the movies, bars, restaurants and other entertainments.
  • $400 – at the shopping malls.
  • And, of course, apartment. No fancy, but decent apartment in a good neighborhood will cost around $1000.

What is left?

After all calculations are done and bills paid, what is there left at the end of the month? Carefully organizing household budget, one would be expected to have $1100 left, or $13000 per year.

Let’s say, a long term aim of the young couple is to purchase an apartment. After four years of living due to this plan, their savings will make $52000, which might be the down payment of their first

apartment, with applicable $1000 monthly mortgage payment.


The fact that Canada is a wonderful place for living, was never a secret. The most important human values, such as health sector, social security, life expectancy, economy, all of it is sustained on the highest level. But without close self-experience, one might think, that these kinds of privileges and this way of life is affordable not for everyone. As one looks closer at the numbers, makes some research, it turns clear, that the dream is right there, just dare to reach it!

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