Manitoba Immigration: How Could My Friends, Relatives, Connections Help?

Do you have friends or relatives in Manitoba? Learn how they can help you move to Canada through the province’s immigrant nominee program – an initiative that selects candidates for Manitoba immigration based on the region’s specific economic needs.

Having connections with Manitoba could potentially help you with relocating to Canada. Want to find out how? Learn more about how having friends or family in Manitoba can help you gain points in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

Can having friends or relatives in Manitoba help you move to Canada?

The question of whether having a friend or relative in Manitoba would help to relocate to Canada gets brought up a lot in the emails and comments we receive – especially in regard to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. Heaving a friend or relative – however distant – can indeed help an individual relocate to Manitoba.

If you do know a Manitoba resident whom you could ask to help you along your immigration journey, their participation can yield great results with minimal effort on their part.

What is required from the individual helping you relocate to Canada?

The individual that volunteers to help you – aka the “Manitoba supporter” – will only need to support you by means of introducing you to the local community and helping you out in your first days after moving to the province. This only includes the basics, like figuring out where to get groceries, finding and securing a place to stay, etc. They will not be obligated to be a financial guarantor in your immigration.

What the authorities will require from that individual is the following:

  • Proof that they actually reside in the province and have been living in Manitoba continuously for over a year;
  • Proof of your legitimate relationship to the individual;
  • Them having permanent residency status or being a citizen of Canada.

The individual supporting you during your first days in Manitoba has to be either a friend, a close relative, or a distant relative of yours.

Manitoba Immigrant Nominee Program

Having a close family in Manitoba can earn you an extra 200 points in the MPNP. Having a friend or a distant relative will give you an additional 50 points.

If this individual resides anywhere outside of Winnipeg – the capital of the province – you will get an additional 50 points in the Manitoba Immigrant Nominee Program. This, in turn, will increase your chances of relocating to the province.

Your Manitoba supporter will help you kick-start a connection with your new community. However, to be eligible for the program you must also demonstrate sufficient language proficiency, a certain education level, and the ability to gain and maintain employment according to the MPNP self-evaluation worksheet.

Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative

What if you don’t have a Manitoba supporter willing to help you immigrate? The Manitoba city of Morden has a unique initiative for immigrants with no connections to Canada. The program covers applicants without an offer of employment, or family or friends present in the country.

The initiative is intended to combat a shortage of laborers prominent within the city by inviting individuals with past work experience in construction, carpentry, welding, apparel manufacturing, and child caregiving.

The initiative has several requirements that individuals have to fulfill in order to participate. In order to apply for the program, you are required to:

  • Be above the age of 21 and no older than 45;
  • Never having deen employed in Canada;
  • Have a post-secondary degree;
  • Demonstrate language proficiency.

You can score additional points for having previously lived in a rural area. This will show authorities that you are likely to easily integrate into the local community, culture, and climate.

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