Document Translation for Canadian Immigration: How to Prepare Documents for Immigration to Canada

In this article, we will explore Canada visa translation requirements that applicants have to adhere to when filing their immigration applications with the CIC.

If you are preparing an application for the Canadian immigration authorities, you may be wondering what language your supporting documents have to be in. The CIC requires that all documents submitted with visa applications are translated into either English or French – Canada’s two official languages.

How to Translate Documents for Immigration to Canada?

The rule of thumb is simple: when you’re still abroad in your home country you can go to the nearest available interpreting firm to have your documents translated.

Regardless of what country you are from, you should not attempt to translate the documents yourself. Self-translating your visa paperwork will deem it invalid. Make sure that you are working with a certified professional with prior experience in working with the types of documents you need translated.

Should I Prepare Documents at Home, or Use a Canadian Certified Translator?

Working with a translating firm in your country of origin may be substantially cheaper, but it only is a viable option as long as you are still abroad.

Outsourcing a foreign specialist becomes impossible as soon as you enter Canada. If turned in to the authorities, documents translated by a non-Canadian translator will be deemed invalid.

Who Can Translate Documents for Canada Immigration?

Once you enter Canada in a temporary status (as a tourist, student, worker, or temporary resident permit holder) the translations prepared back home will not be valid anymore. All of the documents you provide to the immigration authorities – certified translations of your driver’s license, birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. – should be prepared by a Canadian-based translating firm.

If you’re already in Canada and filing your immigration papers from within the country, you will have two choices when it comes to having your paperwork translated and certified:

  1. Hiring an individual certified translator who will prepare the documents for you.
  2. Working with a company that will take care of translating and certifying your paperwork.

The only difference between the two options is that individual contractors charge significantly more than the larger companies – sometimes by up to 70 or 75%. Companies usually have substantially smaller fees than individual translators. On to of that, translating firms offer discounts and lower prices for bulk orders.

How to Find an Inexpensive Translator in Canada?

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